Free gym for you

Free equipment popping up in parks, known as outdoor gyms or park gyms, can help you reduce your blood sugar levels and keep fit while helping the environment. Find one near you.

Outdoor parks gyms or trim trails can be used to do lots of different exercises that improve your strength, balance and co-ordination and improve your heart health. They also don't cost a penny to use.

You can find out where your nearest park gym is on The Great Outdoor Gym website. Simply type in your postcode and it tells you where your nearest free outdoor gym is.

Join a green gym in London

Green Gyms are a fun and free way to get moving. Work up a sweat by improving the local landscape, planting, path clearing, and meeting new friends at one of many free green gyms in London run by the Conservation Volunteers.

Take part in one of the charity’s gardening projects if you fancy some physical activities like planting, cutting and digging. These outdoor alternatives to the gym mean you can look after yourself while looking after the environment.

There are sessions for all fitness levels, and no previous gardening or conservation experience is necessary.

Top tips for exercising outdoors

If you’re on insulin or other diabetes medications such as sulphonylureas or glinides, carry 15 - 30g of carbs with you while exercising, for example some glucose tablets, jelly babies or a banana.

Make sure you also:

  • carry water – and drink plenty, as hydration is important in both hot and cold conditions
  • wear plenty of layers if cold, as weather conditions may change
  • wear a high-vis jacket so others can see you
  • make exercise a social occasion by buddying up with friends or family
  • carry a mobile in case of emergencies and to share your location, as it’s good to let someone know where you’re exercising

Read our top tips on how to stay safe when exercising.

Get fit for free with Our Parks

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