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Know Diabetes 2020 End of Year Report

Ref. Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD).

Guidance on managing diabetes specialist services - Maintaining Acute Diabetes Services in response to COVID-19

A Template to support healthcare professionals -  Template for defining diabetes services during COVID-19 Pandemic

The National In-patient Diabetes Covid-19 Response Group have also published concise advice on managing hyperglycaemia and DKA in inpatients with diabetes during the coronavirus pandemic:


The Lancet – Practical Recommendations for the management of diabetes in patients with COVID-19:

  1. Practical Recommendations for the management of diabetes in patients with COVID-19 -


  1. Covid-19 advice on in-patients with diabetes -

NHS Diabetes Advice is provided by NHS England and NHS Improvement in response to disruption to normal services due to the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

The service is for adults living with diabetes who use insulin to manage their condition and require immediate advice from a team of clinical advisors.

NHS Advice Helpline FAQs and materials

Diabetes Integrated Service Specification

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What is the NDPP (National Diabetes Prevention Programme)?

This 30-minute e-module is aimed at GP's, Practice Nurses and other Practice staff. The content covers:

  • What NDH is,
  • What the NHS DPP is,
  • How it works and,
  • Who is eligible.

There are also some basics on motivational interviewing. The aim is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools and information they need to make quality referrals into the programme.

The course is free and CPD-accredited. Visit the RCGP Learning site to find out more.

TREND UK resources for Health Care Professionals

Motivational interviewing


Visit Pitstop site to learn more about how to access courses for you and your staff including HCA training

The 3 treatment targets

Clinical guidelines

NW London diabetes clinical guidelines

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