Download our referral pack or follow the steps below to help REWIND type 2 diabetes today.


Key Documents

  1. REWIND type 2 diabetes pathway protocol
  2. REWIND referrers guide
  3. REWIND sample SMS invite
  4. TDR subsidy allocation protocol
  5. REWIND patient information sheet
  6. REWIND GP information sheet


For EMIS users only:

Please right-click and save to download these three documents BEFORE importing into EMIS:

  1. EMIS REWIND searches (June 2021 version)
  2. EMIS REWIND template
  3. EMIS REWIND referral form


Step 2: Discuss and Refer

Make sure that you discuss REWIND with your patient before referring. Use the consultation checklist in our referrers pack.

You may also want to send them this video, which highlights the key parts of the programme or direct them to the patient REWIND website.

Here is a completed example of a REWIND referral form

Step 3: De-prescribe and Monitor

Download our Referral and De-Prescribing Protocol

Have further questions?

Download our Frequently Asked Questions or if you would like to ask a question directly, then leave your details below to join our MS Teams FAQ drop-in sessions any time between 12-1pm on a Wednesday.


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