Diabetes 10 Point Training for Healthcare Professionals



Diabetes 10 Point Training for Inpatient Staff

The  Diabetes 10 Point Training programme for inpatient staff was developed in 2014 in response to commonly seen diabetes-related hospital errors.

The training objective is to ensure all hospital staff possess a basic knowledge of diabetes and that care is delivered by knowledgeable healthcare professionals who understand diabetes.

 Training is delivered in the workplace and is brief, highly relevant to the specific clinical setting. To date, an estimated 6000 frontline staff have been trained on one of the programmes in England.

Importantly, self-reported confidence in managing inpatient diabetes has shown significant improvement in post-training in all staff groups.

Online Training

In the next few weeks, we will launch Diabetes 10 Point Training online programmes. Online inpatient and mental health worker programmes will be RCN accredited.

The training is valuable and essential to all staff working in a patient-facing role.  Training cards with basic essential information can be downloaded from the website and staff completing the training will be able to download a completion certificate.

Other Diabetes 10 Point Training Programmes

Since 2014 Diabetes 10 Point Training programmes for other areas have been developed and delivered to hundreds of staff in North West London in response to similar challenges in other health and social care settings.

In settings where there is a high prevalence of diabetes, it is important that staff have access to basic diabetes knowledge to ensure safe care of high quality.

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