The North West London Diabetes Clinical Guidelines have been developed via a multi-disciplinary approach with evidence-based contributions from primary, community and secondary care clinicians and prescribing pharmacists in NW London. These guidelines are refreshed every 6 months or one year depending on the availability of new evidence. The guidelines are aimed to help healthcare practitioners to make good clinical decisions while managing their patients with diabetes. The guidelines cover both physical and mental health aspects of diabetes care and have been put together with input from users who access diabetes services across NW London. 

The North West London Diabetes Clinical guidelines are reviewed and approved by the NWL Diabetes Clinical Reference Group and are endorsed by the NW London Clinical Quality Leadership Group. Within North West London, our Diabetes Transformation Programme is putting the patient at the centre of their care. We’re ensuring that all staff are trained together to make services more integrated and improve clinical outcomes for all patients.

The guidelines contain sections on diagnosing non-diabetic hyperglycaemia (NDH) often referred to as pre-diabetes. There is information about diagnosing different types of diabetes, treatment algorithms and preventing complications including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and foot disease. The guidelines also contain information to maximise support for people with type 2 diabetes to achieve weight loss and a reduction in medication requirements. Structured education options for patients are also included, helping them to manage the condition.

The guidelines are aimed at all staff working in primary care in North West London, and will also be of use to clinical staff working in community services, care homes and nursing homes. For further information about the North West London Diabetes Guidelines, please contact the North West London Diabetes Transformation Programme team at ​

 Diabetes North West London Diabetes Guidelines

Diabetes - Blood Glucose Testing

Diabetes - Blood Pressure

Diabetes - Care Planning

Diabetes - Chronic Kidney Disease

Diabetes - Feet

Diabetes - GLP1 Receptor

Diabetes - Glycaemic Management

Diabetes - Individualising HbA1c

Diabetes - Insulin Use and Administration

Diabetes - Level 2 Referral

Diabetes - Lipids

Diabetes - Motivational Interviewing

Diabetes - NASH

Diabetes - Obesity

Diabetes - Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents

Diabetes - Psychological Aspects

Diabetes - Retinopathy

Diabetes - Screening Diagnosis and Type 2 Remission

Diabetes - Structured Education

Diabetes - Women Childbearing Age

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