Snacks under 10 g carbs

A snack is anything we choose to eat between meals. We may snack because we are hungry, out of habit or it can be related to emotions such as stress or boredom, so it’s worth thinking about why you’re snacking and whether you’re truly hungry.

In order to prevent a spike in blood glucose levels, consider choosing snacks that do not contain more than 10-15g of carbs or select carb-free options as these will not impact blood glucose. It is also helpful to consider snacks that are high in fibre, which are more filling.

Below is a selection of snack ideas showing the amount of carbs in each portion.


Fruits low in carb include raspberries, kiwi fruit and blueberries.

Raspberries - 4g carb; kiwi - 5g carbs; blueberries - 7g carbs

Nuts & seeds

Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds are low carb, but high in healthier fats. They make a good crunchy alternative to crisps.

Almond - 1g carbs; cashews - 2g carbs; pumpkin seeds - 2g carbs


Vegetable snacks including celery, cabbage or kale and vegetable strips can help bridge the gap if you're feeling hungry.

Celery with peanut butter - 1g carbs; kale - 1g carbs; crudities - 4g carbs

Stay safe

When considering a low-carb diet as an option, people with diabetes should be aware of possible side effects such as the risk of hypoglycemia, and should get support to reduce this risk if on insulin or medicines such as Gliclazide or Repaglinide. Seek advice from your healthcare professional for further information about monitoring and adjustments to medication as required.