Birth and gestational diabetes

During labour your blood sugar levels will be regularly checked and so will your baby’s soon after birth.

Your blood sugar levels will be checked regularly during labour. You may be given insulin and a glucose drip if you need these.

Your baby’s heartbeat will also be monitored throughout labour to ensure they are coping well.

Early feeding helps low blood sugar

Gestational diabetes may cause your baby’s blood sugar levels to be low in the hours after birth, but early feeding and skin-to-skin contact should sort this.  

Your midwife will monitor your baby’s blood glucose levels and support you to feed your baby. A few babies will need admission to the neonatal unit for support with their blood sugars.

After birth, your midwife will check your blood sugars to see that they are going back to normal. Most women stop taking their medication as soon as their baby is born.

Your midwife or doctor will advise you on what to expect after your baby is born.