Diabetes is one of the leading causes of preventable sight loss. Don’t miss out on your free yearly diabetes eye check.

Diabetes and the Eyes

Some people with diabetes develop serious complications with their eyes, called diabetes-related retinopathy. If you don’t get this treated properly, it can lead to sight loss.

If eye complications do start to develop, they can nearly always be treated to avoid long-term problems – as long as they’re spotted and diagnosed in time. So you need to know the facts and what to look out for.


Get inspired by David

David’s diagnosis didn’t make much of an impression on him at first, so he carried on eating what he wanted.

But over time, through education and listening to his doctor, he started to make small changes. He joined the “Our Path” programme (now known as "Second Nature) and now he has more energy, feels less bloated and isn’t as thirsty. 

David says he feels great when people tell him he looks good.