I want to lose weight now

Having a positive mindset and self-belief is a vital part of any weight loss plan. Pause for a moment and imagine your healthy future self.

How would you feel? What would be different?

Modern life throws up so many challenges for all of us in terms of relationships, money and work. When you include managing our health, including diabetes, it can take up much of our mind space.

This can mean that weight loss can’t always be a number one priority. And that’s OK.

What changes can you work on today?

It’s best to focus on short-term goals and what you can do today. So don’t worry too much about what your “ideal weight” should be, and think more about what you can do right now.

Let’s look at it in terms of making one tweak at a time. So in week one, you might want to plan to make one or two 'tweaks to your week' and at the end of the week see what difference it’s made.

It might be 'I will eat breakfast every day at 9 am this week' or 'I will eat 2 portions of vegetables with my evening meal every day this week', or 'I will walk for 15 minutes after my evening meals 5 days a week'. Writing it down and having a plan really does help.

At the end of the week ask yourself, was it too easy? Or can you tweak it to make it harder? We have some free resources that you can use to help you monitor each tweak you make.

Making small changes every week can soon make a difference and you’ll soon start feeling the benefits.

Evidence suggests that regular monitoring can help you stay on track. Millions have already downloaded the free NHS weight loss tracker. It may help you stay on track on your journey?

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Don’t wait to lose weight