Confusion and memory loss in diabetes

It can be really upsetting and frightening if you or someone you love is struggling with memory loss. Find out what might help you.

There are many reasons why most people forget things from time to time, for example, it can be a normal sign of ageing. Ageing in the brain can also be linked to problems with thinking, emotional problems and dementia. 

Diabetes can speed up brain ageing

Some people with diabetes can show signs of ageing in the brain, but why this happens is still unclear.

However, researchers believe that there could be a connection between brain ageing and diabetes because of high blood sugar levels and repeated low blood sugars (called hypoglycaemia or hypo).

So having good control of your glucose may help to keep your memory working well.

Dementia diagnosis and interventions

Your memory difficulties may be nothing serious - they may be part of a condition that can easily be treated, like anaemia, an infection or depression.

If you or your loved one show signs of memory loss, contact your GP, who can check things properly and provide you with a diagnosis and interventions to help.

Sight and hearing can affect memory

Regularly get your sight and hearing tested. Ensure that you have the right glasses and hearing aid for your needs if you require these items.

This can be a particular issue when going into hospital, as this can be a strange and confusing environment at the best of times. If you have lost your glasses or hearing aid, this may make you more confused.

Visit our page on diabetes eye screening for more information on keeping your eyes healthy.

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