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Remember, low carb diets are for adults who have type 2 diabetes. They are not for children, unless in circumstances where they are specifically recommended and supervised closely by their clinical experts. 

If you are considering going low carb and you have type 1 diabetes or what is called 'LADA' (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults) you MUST discuss this with your clinical professionals before changing your diet as there are significant risks in these situations.

People with type 2 who take insulin may be at risk of similar problems to those with type 1 - this is not necessarily going to be the case, but always discuss your plan with your clinical team first.

Do not use any of these approaches if you are contemplating pregnancy, are currently pregnant or are breast feeding.

If you feel ill, with nausea and vomiting on a low carb diet, get clinical advice without delay. If you are vomiting repeatedly, this is a particularly urgent matter., because of the risk of developing ketoacidosis - a serious medical condition.

If you develop abdominal pain, seek advice from your doctor or nurse.

There are a number of changes (reductions) that will typically be needed to medication on starting a low carb approach; discuss your medication with your clinical care team before changing the way you eat.

Very low calorie diets and rapid weight loss approaches should only be used with medical supervision and are not for the long term. Similarly, because changes in medication may be required on starting a substantially lower calorie diet which leads to rapid weight loss, it's vital to have discussed how to handle your medication before making the change in your eating pattern. 

Medication reductions are particularly important if you are on insulin or a class of medicines called sulphonylureas (which includes gliclazide) as there are significant risks of hypoglycaemia if you don’t adjust your doses.

Sometimes, significant reductions in calorie intake, with substantial weight loss, can lead to loss of regular periods in women who are of pre-menopausal age. If you lose your periods when dieting, discuss this with your doctor or nurse.


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