This is not a free programme offered by Know Diabetes. However thousands attend this weekly weight loss programme across NWL

Low Carb Program

Low Carb Program is a multi-award winning digital platform that provides goal-focused education, support and resources to manage and remission type 2 diabetes.

Education is tailored to profile and dietary preferences with support from Behaviour Change Mentors and 395,000+ members.

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Low Carb Program

Low Carb

Developed with Dr David Unwin and 20,000 people with diabetes, the Low Carb Program is a digital behaviour change platform that empowers people with:

  • Goal-focused structured education
  • Support from Behaviour Change Mentors and community members
  • A suite of personalised resources including a library with over 1,000 recipes
  • Daily updated curated content and recipes
  • Health tracking including food diary with barcode scanner
  • Integration with Apple Health, FitBit and Nokia

Peer-reviewed 1-year outcomes show completers achieve an average 7% weight loss, reduce HbA1c by 13 mmol/mol and 1 in 4 achieve type 2 remission.

 Programme inclusion criteria

 Type 2 diabetes and those at risk (Not suitable for type 1 diabetes)

  Has access to a device that can access their app (smart phone, tablet or computer)

  18 years or older

How it works

Builds sustainable habits with continual lifestyle support to achieve your health goals:


Sign up to begin personalising your Low Carb Program, price can be found on their website and is now available via the NHS app store.

  • Download the app and set your goals
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Meet your Behaviour Change Mentor and get support at any time
  • Personalise your health tracking dashboard and optionally sync your devices


Over the course of 12 weeks and beyond, we’ll work together to implement small and sustainable lifestyle habits to achieve your health goals.

You’ll receive weekly education alongside daily curated Lifestyle content, regularly updated recipes, emails and notifications to keep you on track. Your mentor is always on hand to help, together with 395,000 community members.

  • Multi-award winning nutrition education with tailored bonus modules
  • Weekly meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences
  • Set your nutrition targets and keep track of your food intake
  • Track your steps - connect to Apple Health, Android Health and FitBit
  • Navigate difficult situations such as travelling, eating out and social occasions


After completing the core 12 week program, you’ll graduate to Maintain.

  • Constant support from your Behaviour Change Mentor and community members
  • Monthly education modules tailored to sustain your health achievements
  • Daily curated Lifestyle content and recipes to keep you on track


For people with type 2 diabetes who complete the program at 1-year*:

  • 4kg weight loss
  • 13 mmol/mol HbA1c reduction
  • 40% eliminate at least 1 diabetes medication
  • 60% on insulin reduce or eliminate the treatment
  • 1 in 4 completers achieve type 2 remission

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Low carb key facts

 Available on NHS app store

 Type 2 or at risk

 Online and app programme

My HbA1c has gone down from 53 (7.0%) to 37 mmol/mol (5.5%) and I’ve lost about 19kg (3st) in total. I am in type 2 remission and have never been fitter. If it wasn’t for the Low Carb Program and the support I received, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Peter Palmer - patient