Please note that the REWIND programme is no longer accepting new referrals.

Why Type 2 Diabetes Remission Programs are Thriving

More people are enrolling in diet and behaviour change programs to achieve remission of their type 2 diabetes. These programs have proven to be effective in helping people shed excess weight, lower their HbA1c levels (blood glucose), and eliminate the need for diabetes medication. By rewinding their lives to a time when diabetes was not a part of it, these people can regain control of their health.

North West London's Successful Type 2 Remission Program: REWIND

Since 2019, NWL has been running a highly successful type 2 diabetes remission program known as REWIND. The program has supported an impressive number of participants, with many achieving remission within one year. In addition, significant weight loss has been recorded among the participants.

The final cohort of patients will complete the REWIND program in June 2024, coinciding with the expiration of the contract with the program provider, XYLA. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new referrals due to recent developments.


The Emergence of a New Type 2 Pathway to Remission Program

NHS England has recently launched a national type 2 diabetes remission program, similar in nature to NWL's REWIND program. The success of this program, particularly its noteworthy weight loss outcomes at the one-year mark, has prompted its nationwide implementation. As an exciting development, this program will soon be available to people with type 2 diabetes who reside in NWL. Individuals registered with a GP practice in North West London, including Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, and Ealing, will have the opportunity to join the program starting February 2024.

To stay informed about the availability and registration process for the new program, we highly recommend signing up for our informative type 2 remission emails by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Patients

The REWIND program will be discontinued as the contract with the current provider, XYLA, is set to expire on June 30, 2023. In recent years, NHS England has introduced a new national type 2 diabetes remission program that demonstrates fantastic weight loss outcomes and can be efficiently delivered to a larger population in North West London seeking remission.

Yes, patients who have initiated the REWIND program on or before June 6 will have the opportunity to complete the 12-month program until the following year. The latest completion date would be July 2024. The last start date for new participants will be in July 2023, allowing sufficient time for referral processing. If you have any doubts, please consult with your practice.

NHS England is currently managing the procurement process. They anticipate that the program will go live in North West London by February 2024. If you would like to receive a reminder when the program becomes available and learn more about type 2 remission, please sign up for our informative email using the form below.

If you reside in NWL, you can sign up for a free NHS Know Diabetes account today here. Take advantage of the numerous free local weight loss programmes, email campaigns, and explore our website for valuable tips and hints. We also offer a new eLearning course called "Type 2 Diabetes Remission," which is particularly beneficial if you are considering the type 2 remission pathway.

Be sure to get inspired by watching stories of individuals who have successfully embarked on the pathway to type 2 diabetes remission.

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