Support networks for type 1 diabetes

There are a number of online forums and support groups for people with diabetes and their family and friends. Here we list just a few of these:

The groups and forums listed here support people with diabetes. If you know of any other diabetes groups or forums in North West London, get in touch with us, as we are always adding new content to our website.

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Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK has many active Type 1 support groups working locally all over North West London. Groups like the Ealing, Harrow or Hillingdon Type 1 Groups typically meet once a month. Other Groups include both Type 1s and Type 2s.They often have talks on diabetes subjects and also take part in many other activities such as fundraising, campaigning and raising awareness.

Diabetes UK Online Support Forum

The charity Diabetes UK's Support Forum is an online community where you can exchange knowledge and experiences with other people with diabetes, family and carers. There are 17 different subject groups.

Diabetes Forum

The Diabetes Forum is possibly one of the largest forums in Europe on all diabetes conditions, from type 1 through to prediabetes with 44 subject groups. Topics include medication, diet, fitness, diabetes news, jobs and legal stuff like driving, and more.

There is also a Diabetes Forum app for iOS and Android, so you can stay connected via your mobile.

The forum is run by which is a community of people with diabetes, family members, friends, supporters and carers, offering their own support and first-hand knowledge.

Diabetes Support Forum UK (dsf)

dsf is a small, independent forum that mostly focuses on NHS services in the UK.

It’s run by its members, who welcome everyone to sign up, from those who are living with diabetes to their friends and family and healthcare professionals.

The forum is about support and the exchange of personal experiences only.


Although it has more of a US flavour, TypeOneNation is a lively online social space offering a rich mix of advice and support.

Run by people with type 1 diabetes, chats are broken down into topics like technology, food and newly diagnosed. 

The forum is open to anyone over 13 with type 1 diabetes, plus family and friends. TypeOneNation is provided by the US-based research organisation JDRF.

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