Type 1 diabetes causes the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood to become too high.

It happens when your body can't produce a hormone called insulin which controls blood glucose. The body attacks the cells in the pancreas that make insulin, so you can't produce any insulin at all. 

About 10 percent of people with diabetes in the UK have type 1 diabetes. We're not sure what causes type 1 diabetes, but it's got nothing to do with diet or lifestyle.


Managing type 1 diabetes

Someone with type 1 diabetes needs to have insulin to stay alive by keeping blood glucose levels as close to target as possible. Insulin is given via injections or an insulin pump. The dose of insulin needs to match food and drink intake, exercise, stress levels, alcohol, and many other factors.

Managing type 1 diabetes can take time to get used to, but with the support of your healthcare team, family and friends, you can still do all the things you enjoy. 

Type 1 diabetes courses for you

The Understanding diabetes course will help you understand and manage type 1 diabetes.

The Growing up with type 1 diabetes course will help you live life to the fullest with type 1 diabetes.

The Carbohydrate Counting course will help you get to grips with matching your insulin doses to the carbohydrate you eat or drink.