Hari lost a total of 16kg by the end of the REWIND* programme.

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Life before the programme

Before starting the REWIND programme, I was taking medication that had quite a few side effects. I used to get muscle cramps, and would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain from them.

I would also get pins and needles in my hands and feet, and I used to get ill and be off work for long periods of time. I just felt really unwell and generally tired.

I also used to get injured quite frequently at the gym. It felt like it was all a vicious cycle: I would go to the gym, get injured and so stop going for a very long time, and then repeat. My GP recommended that I joined a remission programme and encouraged me to stick to it.

This all happened a week before going on holiday to Thailand and so I started when I got back.

Challenges and benefits of the programme

I found the total diet replacement (TDR) phase easy, as I also had a Muy Thai fight lined up which gave me that extra motivation to really stick to it. I experienced some headaches at the start of TDR which were resolved with water. I also found that spreading out the shakes and vegetables throughout the day helped with hunger pangs.

I found the food re-introduction phase challenging. I wasn’t preparing my food or thinking about the quality of the food I was eating. I opted for quick and easy options instead and was also picking at my children’s food. I then went back to the online modules, opened my Eating Well handbook and took some notes which really helped me get through this phase.

Advice to anyone just starting the programme 

You will always feel like you need to cheat. It will always be at the back of your mind. For me, before starting the programme, I would always drink fizzy drinks and so during the programme, I was constantly craving them. Now, when these cravings arise, I drink some water, wait an hour and if I still want one, I’ll have one. However what I found was, that after putting it off for an hour, I would forget about it. I drink water to distract me from my cravings and have actually found that I don’t like the taste of fizzy drinks anymore.

The first week of TDR is the hardest and once you get through that, it gets significantly easier.  It also really helps to talk to people about it so try to get some support from family and friends. My son and wife were very supportive and kept reminding me of my goals. The phone calls from the team have also really increased my motivation and pushed me harder. 

Tony Willis, Clinical Director for Diabetes

Healthcare Professional Feedback

Dear Hari,

Your story is a real inspiration to others, and it's interesting to read about your challenges and how you've overcome them. Thank you for sharing! Please do take a look at our Be Healthier page to help you in maintaining the changes you have made.

Best wishes,


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