Nita has been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 28 years.

I’m currently on the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating: DAFNE Programme and have previously been on two courses on the management of type 1 diabetes, with a focus on carb counting, exercise and food.

I've more recently been working on bringing my HbA1c down. I try to walk for at least 40 minutes every day, taking a rest in between as I also have arthritis, and before lockdown would swim three times a week at my local swimming pool.

I track my food and do 8-12 readings per day using a self-funded flash glucose monitoring device.

I also sit out in the garden as much as I can so I get vitamin D. I am pleased to say that my HbA1c has now reduced from 12.5% (113 in the newer mmol/mol) to 8.3% (67 mmol/mol).

My belief is that healthy eating, a less sugary diet and regular exercise helps keep my diabetes in control and also reduces my risk of developing complications.

Ruth Miller, Diabetes Nurse Consultant

Healthcare Professional Feedback

Dear Nita,

Such amazing progress to bring your Hba1c down from 113mmol to 67mmol, no easy feat! It shows what you can do when you put your mind to it. Eating well and being active is great for our health and getting out in the sun is a great way of improving our vitamin D levels if the sun ever comes out!

You mentioned that you have a flash glucose monitoring device that can replace blood glucose checking and uses a sensor to continuously monitor glucose. Some devices now have alarms to let you know when your glucose is too high or too low and it can show the last few hours of glucose values and whether the glucose is going up or down. As you know, you can buy these devices online but some people can get funding on the NHS if they are eligible, you can discuss this with your doctor or nurse specialist.

We have a section on our website about new technology for people living with type 1 diabetes which you might like to look at.

Best wishes,


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