Living with type 2 diabetes? The new REWIND programme will help you to lose weight, reduce medication and even achieve Remission

Why is REWIND for me?

"REWIND has made a huge difference to my health. With the support I was given I lost 20kgs and reduced my waist size from 38 to 30 inches.

More importantly, my blood sugars reduced to well within the normal range and I no longer need medication."

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Speak to your GP to get referred to REWIND

The REWIND Programme

Based on leading research by Diabetes UK, REWIND is an NHS commissioned programme for people with type 2 diabetes, which has shown an average weight loss of 12KG and 18mmol/mol HbA1c reduction after 30 weeks. Over one year, you will complete the following three steps to help you REWIND your type 2 diabetes.

What do I get for signing up?

The unique one year programme combines regular telephone or video contacts with online learning to support you in achieving your health goals. You will be fully supported by a team that includes GPs, practice nurses, health coaches, specialist dietitians and exercise specialists.

Once your GP refers you, you will speak to the REWIND team and decide on one of the two options:

Total Diet Replacement

  • One year support programme in three stages (see image above) via video or telephone groups, plus one to one support.
  • Stop nearly all diabetes medications on day one
  • Pay for meal replacement products - around £2.25 per day - but you no longer need to buy food


The Low Carbohydrate Choice

  • If at your initial assessment you and your healthcare provider decide that Total Diet Replacement is not the right course for you, then you can choose the low carb option for REWIND.
  • This is 12 weeks of learning a new low carbohydrate diet (see images below), followed by 12 weeks of adding your learning into your lifestyle and is completed with a 6-month maintenance phase (to learn how to keep the weight off).

What about Covid-19 and attending the programme?

We are still running programmes remotely (not face to face) so you can sign up today, hundreds of people from North West London have already started the programme.

Feedback so far

Here is some feedback from NHS staff and patients who have tried REWIND

The programme has provided me with a really clear framework for change. It’s not always easy, but I am seeing the results in my health in terms of health: weight loss, blood pressure and blood sugar readings. I am seeing broader changes in my life too: I am fitter, more energetic and sleep better. I feel more confident and in control. I know I’m in this for the long haul, and this helps me manage setbacks, plateaus and difficult times.


REWIND offers a new opportunity to engage patients with their diabetes care away from stepping up medication. It gives hope to patients that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. It feels uplifting to experience the patient journey in getting off medications, losing weight and lowering their HbA1c. Their joy is priceless

Ahmed Ameer, Hounslow GP Practice

I've been struggling with my weight for a long time, and I thought the scale would never move. When I went on the scale and it shifted I was shocked. For once something was working for me and the weight loss has been amazing

Anette, Brent patient

How to join

To join REWIND you need to meet the following criteria and then follow the patient journey (image below).

Programme inclusion criteria

Aged over 18 and registered with a GP in North West London

Type 2 diabetes - Diagnosed less than 12 years ago

Not on insulin, pregnant or planning a pregnancy

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