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They can help you plan your next move,  self monitor and stay on track. Check them out, they can be printed off or typed into.

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Get free patient leaflets by TREND UK

What's your blood saying

Syringe and blood sugar log book

Track your blood sugars with this simple log sheet

Goals help you win

Blackboard with S=Specific M=Measurable A=Achievable R=Realistic T=TimelyMake it happen with this easy to use goal sheet

A change can start today

Peeling paper with make it happen! written below

When things change inside you, things change around you. My plan.

Plan your meals

Meal plan journal with a pen along with an apple and a bottle of waterCreate your meal plan with this easy to use meal planner

It starts here

Close up of cereal with blueberries and bananaA food diary can help you review, learn, and apply new habits.

Why not try?

Close up dinner fishLow carb, all foods, a 7 day plan to get you started

Try something new

Number 7 made up of fruits and vegetablesLower carb made easy with this free 7 day vegetarian plan

Give lower carb a go

Food pyramid of low carbohydrate itemsFree 7 day low carb meal plan is packed with new ideas

Walking for success

Couple walking with childWalk your way to a better health with this walking log

Being true to me

Diet plan with pencil, salad and tape measureA powerful way to change a habit. Start my food journal today.

Watch me win

Downward trending graphTrack your weight loss progress with this easy to use free weight loss resource (st and lbs)

In it to win it

Weight loss starts here written in a diaryChart your progress with this easy to use free weight loss resource (kgs)

Diabetes 10 point training for people living with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes 10 point training for people with diabetes in hospital

Diabetes 10 point training for parents or carers of children with type 1 diabetes 

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