Welcome to the Diabetes Community Club (DCC)

The DCC is designed by people living with diabetes, to bring together small groups of people to share their experiences of the issues and challenges faced by those living with type 2 diabetes.


The DCC idea is drawn from the success of existing programmes such as Weight Watchers.  The initial 8 week programme forms the basis for an ongoing ‘club’ where people can continue to meet and support each other to sustain their lifestyle changes and help successfully manage their diabetes.

Living well with diabetes can be challenging. Creating informal groups encourages people to interact and to recognise and understand the important role that their lifestyle plays in the management of their condition.  This supports them to make the changes that will improve their health and reduce the risk of diabetes complications.     

The DCC is designed to help those with diabetes live more confidently.

How we’re different

The Diabetes Community Club harnesses the power of community providing a clear framework for people to come together informally. Each session focuses on a specific relevant topic, encouraging people to freely discuss their challenges, feelings and the impact that each has on their lives and well-being.

The DCC can complement existing diabetes programmes by:

Providing peer to peer support:

Knowing you’re not alone, having an outlet for your thoughts, building confidence, talking about your emotions, celebrating your wins and successes.

Signposting to trusted healthcare information:

www.knowdiabetes.org.uk; www.diabetes.org.uk; www.nhs.uk/conditions/type-2-diabetes/;

Promoting a regular exercise routine:


An agile, digital solution

Our easy to use programme, with each session available in printable download format (PDF), is supported by relevant links which allow volunteers from NHS GP practice Patient Participation Groups, and other community groups, to easily host a DCC. This approach also adapts simply to face to face meetings in local settings.

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