Delicious dinners

If you live by the rule that small tweaks make a big difference over time, making small changes to your main meal could lead to better results. 

So get some fresh ideas and try some new things, too, like plant-based dishes that are high in proteins, low in fats and sugars, and very simple to make. You don’t need to be a great chef to cook healthy and tasty meals.

Ask your healthcare team

Any websites and apps we suggest must not replace the advice of your doctor or dietitian. Always get medical advice for any question about a medical condition and treatment, including diet.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK breaks down their main meal recipes into both calories and carbs. Perhaps improving a meal you already eat could be a great start to eating better

Diet Doctor

We know eating too many carbs in the evening  means there’s not much time to burn them off before bed. Check out the Diet Doctor's low carb options

BBC good food guide

BBC good food guide offers 200-600 calorie recipes meal options, making it easier to stay on track and feel confident with portion sizes and total calories of your evening meal

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation has its focus on main meals low in sugar and high on taste. You can search for dinners that span the world, from Asian through to Thai

How about downloading our free meal planner to help you get your evening eating habits all mapped out