Feel the benefits and exercise your mind, body and soul

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Meet up and connect

Meet other people living with diabetes and learn from each other. Visit websites like this to find support groups and social events which can get you out more, improve your social life and make life more fun.

Girl with her hands over her face which have a happy and sad face drawn on them

Boost your mood

Take a ‘Mood Self-Assessment Quiz’ and listen to self-help guides about confidence and assertiveness, unhelpful thinking, anxiety and sleep problems on the NHS Moodzone audio guides website.

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Committing an act of kindness

Having a sense of purpose and helping others not only contributes to society, but also improves your own sense of wellbeing. This website lets you use your skills and time to help others.

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Get inspired with TED talks videos

Watch videos from world renowned experts to help you learn more about mental health and the latest research and treatments. The TED Talks website allows you to simply search and learn on-line.

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