Diabetes Integrated Service Specification

The North West London Health and Care Partnership have developed a ‘Diabetes Integrated Service Specification’ in partnership with various stakeholders to improve diabetes care for the population in North West London.

The Diabetes Integrated Service Specification covers professional competencies and quality standards to deliver high quality integrated care across primary, secondary and community care to achieve better patient experience, better outcomes, better value and better staff satisfaction through quality driven services.

The Service specification will improve patient outcomes, reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare and directly impact on reducing health inequalities.

What is the purpose of the Diabetes Integrated Service Specification?

The mission is to:

  • Create a user-centred seamless diabetes service to provide care by the right person at the right time in the right place.
  • Achieve better experience, better outcomes, better value and better staff satisfaction.
  • Drive innovation to encourage self-care through information and education using new ways of communicating with people living with diabetes.
  • Maximise support for healthy living, prevention of type 2 diabetes and achievement of type 2 diabetes remission.

A Patient centric approach – The service specification will support an integrated care pathway that will put needs of the people living with diabetes at the centre of service provision.

What are the advantages of having a Diabetes Integrated Service Specification?

Who has been involved in the development of the Diabetes Integrated Service Specification?

The Service Specification has been developed in partnership with various stakeholders in the NW London health economy including, people living with diabetes, service users, clinicians, commissioning and procurement experts and providers.

What are the benefits for people with diabetes, professionals and public health?

Benefits for people living with diabetes

benefits for healthcare providers and commissioners

benefits for public health

Where can I get further information about diabetes?

For further information please email: nwlccc.diabetes@nhs.net

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