South Asian community

Welcome to the South Asian section, here you will find culturally specific resources that have been specifically designed to help manage your diabetes condition. 

One key factor for the above average rate of diabetes in the South Asian community is food and we have developed some resources to help with this. 


South Asian language material

Introduction to diabetes

Pocket Medic have produced this introduction to diabetes in multiple languages for the South Asian community. NHS healthcare professionals and patients worked with them to produce it. 

Scroll through the videos for Hindi, Punjabi, and Bengali.

Why food?

The traditional South Asian cuisine includes foods with high levels of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is the nutrient that has the biggest impact on raising blood glucose levels, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Keys to helping reduce carbs in your meal is by reducing portion sizes, increasing vegetables portions, and using high fibre versions of staples such as bread.

Low carb meal plan

To help reduce your carbohydrates we have developed two 7 day low carb meal plans, one for vegetarians and the other is non-veg. Each meal plan will help reduce your carbohydrate intake and improve your blood glucose levels. 

Download the vegetarian version here

Download the non-vegetarian version here


Recipes guides are currently being created.

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Cooking healthy and tasty food

Get ideas on how to change the way you cook and help your diabetes condition.

Manage your diabetes in your language


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What to do when you're feeling unwell

Sick day guidance available in multiple languages

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