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Have a look at the FAQs for Know Diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for the Know Diabetes Service?

To register for the Know Diabetes Service please visit the Registration page. Once signed up you will receive a welcome email and regular emails about local services, latest news and top tips for staying healthy. 

2. How do I find a local support group for me?

You can visit the Education and Support Groups page to find out about local support groups for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. 

3. How do I book on to a Structured Education programme?

You can visit the programme pages to find out how to book Type 1 and Type 2 structured education programmes to learn about diabetes. There are group courses, as well as online courses you can start today.

4. How do I view the website in another language/large print? 

You can view the website in another language or large print by using the Browsealoud icon (the orange icon in the top right corner of the website). You can find out more about how to use Browsealoud by watching this video.

You can also visit our languages pages to find advice and guidance for people from the 10 main languages in North West London. 

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