Make it happen

Millions are downloading app's to help them get their fitness back on track. Walk your way back to fitness with the NHS’s free Active 10 app. 

Active 10 is a new NHS motivational app that can help you increase your activity levels.

The app encourages you to walk in bursts of minutes, known as “Active 10s”, which it tracks for you while you walk. You’ll also get feedback on how fast you're going, and it tells you if your walking speed is classed as ‘brisk’.

Want to find out how fast your walking speed is?

Active 10 app will set you goals

Join 600,000 people who have already downloaded the Active 10 app. More people than ever are using apps to help nudge them to move more. Often because they offer goals to work towards and reward your progress, it makes it easier to keep going.

You can download Active 10 app to your phone from the App Store and Google Play.


Healthy living with the NHS app store

The NHS app store makes an assessment before they promote an app. This makes sure only safe and secure apps are published in their library.

You can filter all the different apps they promote into various topics, from moving more, or sleeping better, to losing weight. Have a look and discover some new apps on the NHS apps store.

They might help you tweak your week and help you keep things going, or even start a new health kick. 

New you: start today and join others from North West London now